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Fashion designers needed

Hi all,
I've recently started an online boutique that sells fashion for women ages 18-30 and I wanted to know if there were any fashion designers who were looking to out their pieces in my online boutique. It's based out of America but I'm looking for unique international fashion as well as here in the states. Feel free to email me if you are interested in selling your pieces on a national and international platform. I'm looking for unique finds and trendy fall clothing for now. I'm really big into blazers and sweaters since it's fall for us right now...and denim, I NEED denim suppliers as well. My email address is:
Hope to hear from you soon!


Rubber shirts

Hey gurrls!

Anyone into rubber femwear?

I think rubber shirts are super glam right now-- all stiff and shiny and stintight!

They look especially glam with only those thin little leggings on underneith-- totes awsome, amirite??
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Looking for investors

Am opening a local shoe shop soon and is looking for investors. This shop is based in Singapore.

$5000 capital for every 1% of profits/sales.

High class shoe shop.

Call me at 93538336 for further business.
Kimono Ribbon


Hello everyone!

I am doing a NEW, MASSIVE GYARU BRAND SALE (150+ items) in order to have more room in my apartment and getting some extra money for university.
Brands featuring this massive sale are d.i.a., MA*RS, GOLDS INFINITY, Lip Service, me jane, Gilfy, Egoist, Duras, Bless Tokyo, Delyle Noir, Galstar, Navana, LB-03, Yumetenbo, Rojita, W*C, Garula, Cecil Mcbee, One spo, Liz Lisa & Tralala, Sly and much more!

[[ RULES ]]
♥ My feedback is here
♥ I accept only PayPal
♥ Prices are negotiable
♥ Shipping from Italy worldwide
♥ All sales are final
♥ First pays, first gets the item
♥ If you buy at least three items, you'll receive a discount
♥ I am not responsible for any lost or damaged package
♥ Shipping depends by the country you live and the weight of the items, so let me know which items you want to buy and where you live.
♥ I don't accept trade
♥ Items are all original unless if clearly stated (only 5% of the items I am selling are replica)

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If you're interested in something, don't hesitate to contact me! I'll reply as soon as possible :)

Best wishes